Utility Easements

Landscaping on Utility Easement

Most utilities encourage decorative landscaping within the utility easement with the understanding that any materials placed within the boundaries of the utility easement are subject to damage and are not the responsibility of the utility owner.

By law, utilities have the right to mark utility locations in a discrete, non-obtrusive manner, within the boundaries of the utility easement. The type, color and location of these markings are regulated under state law. Although utilities will usually make an effort to limit damage to landscaping, all damages to landscaping located within the boundaries of the utility easement are the responsibility of the landowner.

Keeping Easements Clear

Keeping utility easements clear helps utility companies:

  • Perform routine maintenance (e.g. replace a pole)
  • Construct improvement projects (e.g. install a new sanitary sewer)
  • Repair utility lines during emergencies (e.g. remove a tree that has fallen on a power line during a lightning storm.)