Electric Utilities

Stillwater has been a community-owned electric utility since 1901 and has owned its own electric generation since 1903. Stillwater is the second largest municipal electric utility in the state as well as the largest transmission owner and electric generator.

American Public Power Association honored the Stillwater Electric Utility (SEU) with its Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) designation. This means we provide consumers with the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service. Stillwater is one of 276 of the nation's public power utilities to earn this distinction.


Electric Utility administration provides overall supervision and direction to the utility. Administration also manages vendor payments and tracks account balances, assists with management of purchasing card system, the bidding process, and with the development of the SEU budget. Responds/routes customer inquiries.


Responsible for the design of electric system additions to serve new customers. Maintains SEU's GIS mapping database. Commissions and tests new and existing electric revenue meters. Performs short and long-range planning to maintain and upgrade existing utility infrastructure. Provides technical assistance and electrical expertise to fellow SEU divisions and other city departments. Performs design, purchasing, contract administration, and oversight for substation and transmission line construction projects.

Generation & Transmission

Responsible for the delivery of purchased power to the electric distribution system, production of local peaking or emergency power as needed, and dispatching of crews for after-hours utility service calls involving water, sewer, or electric. Operates 24 miles of 69,000-volt local transmission lines, eight electric substations, and oversees the operation of the Stillwater Energy Center, which is a state-of-the-art, quick-start natural gas fired reciprocating engine power plant with an output of 56 million watts.

Electric Distribution

Responsible for operation and maintenance of the electric distribution system including repairs to restore power and construction of system extensions to serve additional customers.

The system includes approximately 365 miles of overhead lines, 351 miles of underground lines, 28,937 distribution transformers,12,403 poles, 3,826 street lights, and related electrical equipment.

Maintains 24 miles of high voltage transmission system lines and constructs extensions to this system. Provides mutual aid support to other public power communities when needed during natural disaster periods, along with support to other divisions and departments within the City.