About Your Water Meter

The City of Stillwater uses automated meter reading (AMR). AMR is a method of using communication technology to read meters without having to access the customer’s property.

Our AMR system uses meters equipped with wireless transmitters. The system uses a fixed-network system for meters within city limits and a drive-by system for rural (less dense) areas. The fixed-network system transmits readings periodically to the Stillwater Municipal Building, thus enabling city staff to receive readings as needed. Rural route readings will be gathered as the vehicle drives through neighborhoods.

All water meters are located below ground in concrete or plastic meter enclosures with lids. Meter boxes are typically located near the sidewalk, curb, off the roadway in the yard or in front of the house.

Customer Service Valve

Your customer service valve is your access point to shut off the water at your home.  The valve is typically located in a round box. Turning your customer service valve will shut off your water so that you can conduct repairs. Watch the video below to learn more.

Meter Number

Your meter number is available on your printed bill or online utility account.  

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