Understanding Your Utility Bill

The City of Stillwater provides electric, water, wastewater, and waste management services, as well as utility metering and billing, to residential and commercial customers.

This page, along with the How to Read Your Utility Bill (PDF), will help you understand your billing statement.

Example Utility Bill

Example Utility Bill

1. Meter Reading Summary

This section contains the dates your meter(s) were read, meter number, number of days in the billing cycle, actual meter readings, water meter size, and consumption.

2. Historical Graph

Provides you with a visual indication of how your current consumption compares to that of previous months.

3. Account Information

This section contains your account number, service address, last payment amount, billing date, due date, and the amount due.

4. Current Charges

These sections show an itemization of charges for the service, usage, and rates.

5. Amount Due

Lists the total of all the current charges and the total amount due.

6. Special Message

Messages from the City will appear in this area.

7. Payment Coupon

This portion you return with your payment to help expedite processing.

8. Current Charges Due

This section displays the due date of the bill.

9. Amount Due

Reflects the balance owed this month.

10. Plus Donation

Amount of money you would like to donate to the Utility Assistance Program.

11. Contact Information

Our phone number, office location, office hours and web address.

12. Back Page

Important information regarding payment arrangements, methods to pay, power outages, sewer rate information and definition for Power Cost Adjustment.

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