Special Event Planning Packet

Event organizers may be required to submit a Special Event Planning Packet that will be reviewed at a City Review Meeting. The Special Event Planning Packet may include any combination of the following plans and topics:

Electricity & Water Plan

If your event requires electricity, you may need to provide an Electricity Plan that includes the location of any generators and cords. Similarly, if your event requires water, you may need to provide a Water Plan.

Electricity Plan

An Electricity Plan may be required for your event. Include the location of any generators and cords on your electricity plan. Electric service may be available from the City of Stillwater. 

  • The City can provide the service connections and metering needed, but event organizer(s) will need to hire a licensed electrician to install the necessary outlets, breakers and other wiring. A permit will be needed for this work. 
  • Event organizer(s) are responsible for the cost of electricity used at the event. 

Water Plan

A Water Plan may be required for your event. 

Water service may be available from the City of Stillwater. 

  • The City can provide the service connections and metering needed, but event organizer(s) will need to hire a licensed plumber to install any additional piping needed from the meter. A permit will be needed for this work. 
  • Event organizer(s) are responsible for the cost of water used at the event.

Emergency Medical Services Plan

Event organizer(s) may need—or the City of Stillwater may require—the presence of emergency medical services personnel and resources on-site. Event organizer(s) are responsible for securing and paying the cost of these resources. 

LifeNet provides emergency medical services in Stillwater.

You are asked to consider several things before requesting LifeNet assistance at your special event: 

  • The need for a fully staffed LifeNet ambulance, paramedic and/or EMT presence
  • The type of special equipment that might be needed to specifically address the event participant’s emergencies
  • Event site challenges that might require specialized LifeNet staging
  • Probability of responding in tight spaces, i.e. large crowds 
  • Crowd size that might require more than one LifeNet ambulance

The event organizer is responsible for providing emergency medical services. To contract with LifeNet, call (405) 707-0007.

Emergency Plan

Every event differs based on the activities, locations and time of year. This table identifies common risks that can occur at events. 

  • Severe Weather
  • Lost and Found
  • Fire
  • Crowd Control
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Structure Collapse
  • Communications
  • Lost Children/
  • Vulnerable Adults
  • Loss of Utilities

Once you have identified risks, the City may require that you establish an emergency plan to address them. The emergency plan needs to address the type of emergency, the planned response, the individuals responsible for implementing the plan and the emergency measures you will incorporate to mitigate the emergency.

City of Stillwater Emergency Management can make suggestions and help you gain a better understanding of the issues associated with these risks.

Not every event will require a plan for each item listed; however, these are simply starting points for the planning process. Plans do not need to be complicated. The easier the plan, the easier it is to follow during a crisis or emergency.

In cases where severe weather or other concerns pose a threat to your event, keep in mind that your event can be canceled upon guidance from the City of Stillwater Emergency Management and other public safety officials. In the case that an event is canceled due to an existing threat, your cooperation with city staff will be needed and appreciated to ensure that all of your event participants stay safe.

Insurance Requirements

A Certificate of Liability Insurance with a receipt of premium paid is required for all major events operating in the City rights of way or on City property. Proof of insurance must be provided before an event will be considered for approval. Some minor events may be exempt from insurance requirements.

The Community Programs Manager (CPM) will work with you to determine what insurance may be required. 

Neighborhood Notification Plan

All events are required to provide direct, written notification (and collect signatures) from all impacted properties no less than 60 days prior to the event date(s). 

  • Street closures should be illustrated and described.
  • The description should clearly define the dates and times of the street closures, with setup and tear-down times included.
  • The full impact of your event should be defined to the contacts at these properties.

Public Safety Plan

Ensuring public safety is of paramount importance when hosting an event. Depending on the type and size of the event, event organizers may need additional security, or the City may require them to provide security, including police and/or fire support.

Police Support

Depending on the type and size of the event, event organizer(s) may need additional security or the City may require you to provide security. The Stillwater Police Department (SPD) can be hired for safety and security at large events. (Contact the police department to discuss fees for this services.)

If you plan to use another public safety agency for your event, the names and direct contact numbers must be provided to the CPM.

The CPM will work with SPD to provide you recommendations for: 

  • Uniformed officer(s) or other police personnel
  • Locations, route(s) adjustments, traffic planning and implementation
  • Overnight security and any other safety and security issues
  • Volunteers
  • Staging areas
  • Event parking
  • Traffic flow

Fire Support

Depending on the nature of the event, the Special Events Coordinator may contact the Stillwater Fire Department (SFD). Listed below are examples of things that will require Fire Department inspection and approval and may require additional permits:

  • Tents or canopies larger than 225 square feet (15x15)
  • Propane is used for cooking
  • Changes are made to building exits or when the character or use of a facility is altered. 
  • Liquid or gas-fueled vehicle(s) or equipment, for display or competition, inside a tent or building
  • Candles, open flame devices, flammable or combustible liquids or gases
  • Pyrotechnics/special effects/cryogenics
  • Anytime a material, occupancy load or operation is introduced into a tent or building that could possibly pose a hazard
  • Special amusements, such as haunted houses

Traffic Control Plan

Street closure requests must be approved by the City of Stillwater. Some street closures are more complex than others, particularly on heavily traveled streets. In some cases, the City may require you to close a street or streets for your event or may prohibit the closing of certain streets for an event.

If streets are to be closed, an accurate traffic control plan should be developed to show that all traffic control devices will be placed correctly. 

Here are some additional requirements to include in your traffic control plan:

  • Same day barricade pickup is required. 
  • 36-inch cones, or other approved devices, are required when separating traffic from participants on a route.
  • You are required to keep a 20-foot wide open lane for emergency vehicles.
  • Sidewalks must remain open for public access to the site.
  • After your event, traffic control devices must not block any rights of way.

The event organizer is responsible for providing street closures.

If resources are available, the City of Stillwater can provide this service. In some cases, hiring a private contractor instead of the City may be a better choice for your event.

Approved Traffic Control/Street Closings Contractors

  • Action Safety Supply (OKC)  (405) 787-2244
  • Direct Traffic Control (OKC) (405) 635-1900
  • Road Safe Traffic Systems, Inc. (OKC)  (405) 232-3414
  • Road Safe Traffic Systems, Inc. (Tulsa) (918) 425-4550

Trash, Restroom, Post-Event Plan

A Trash and Recycling Plan is required for all events. The plan can be a map or a detailed description, but it must include information about where and when trash and recycling services will be available. Recycling is not required but is encouraged. In some cases, the City may require specific numbers of trash and recycling receptacles for an event.

The Special Events Coordinator will assist you in setting up this service.

Portable Restroom Plan

A Portable Restroom Plan is required for all events. Facilities provided must be ADA compliant and should be concentrated where participants and spectators will stage. 

In some cases, the City may require specific numbers of portable restrooms for an event.  The City does not provide portable restrooms, so you will have to hire a private contractor for this service.

Post-Event Clean Up Plan

Failure to clean up after your event may result in the City providing this service. If this occurs, you will be responsible for payment. Such actions may cause future event applications to be rejected.

Additional Topics

Additional topics that you may be required to consider include but are not limited the following:

  • Staging area and route maps for walks and runs
  • Fire lanes
  • Parking
  • Volunteer stations and staging areas
  • Location of trash cans, restrooms, generators, vendors, amusement rides
  • First aid stations
  • Building or tent entrances and exits
  • Fireworks fall-out zones and launching areas
  • Stage locations