Organize a Special Event

Special events and public activities help build a sense of belonging and community pride. The City of Stillwater plays a role in helping event planners bring people together safely and successfully in both citywide and neighborhood events.

Not all public events in Stillwater necessitate a permit, but certain events require coordination with city services. These events are classified as "special events" and require a permit. 

Special event permits are required for any event held on city property or rights of way, or if you need to use city resources. The instructions below will guide you through the process of coordinating a special event.

Guide for Planning A Special Event

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Step 1: Determine If You Need A Permit

A special events permit is required for all events conducted on city property or city rights of way.

  • Streets or Alleys
  • Sidewalks
  • Parks

A special events permit is required for events that use city resources:

  • Traffic control
  • Police and/or Fire services
  • Access to and use of electric, water and sewer
  • Waste management

If you are uncertain whether your event meets these criteria, please contact the Community Programs Manager at the Community Center.

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