Babcock Park & Sports Complex

Babcock Park & Sports Complex is located on West 19th Avenue and Western Road. It has several baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, and covered picnic tables.

Babcock Park
Babcock Park Batting Cages
Babcock Park Gazebo
Babcock Park Soccer Goal
Babcock Park Baseball Field 2
Babcock Park 2


Babcock Park & Sports Complex features a variety of facilities, including several baseball/softball fields and soccer fields. Additionally, the park has a gazebo with multiple covered picnic tables.

Baseball/Softball Fields

Located in the Southeast corner of the park, adjacent to both paved and gravel parking areas, are three baseball/softball fields.

Batting cages are next to the Northeast field.

Soccer Fields

Goop Park is home to numerous soccer fields situated on both the East and West sides of the park. The park's main entry road, on the East side, leads to three soccer fields located in the Northern part of the park, near the covered picnic tables and several parking spaces. Additional soccer fields can be found to the West of the baseball fields.