Hoyt Grove Park

Hoyt Grove Park is located North of Couch Park on East 12th Avenue. The entrance is on the North side of 12th Avenue between Alcott St. and the Senior Center.


Use the fields for baseball or softball, take a walk, jog, or bicycle ride on the Kameoka trail, or enjoy a game of disc golf.

Baseball Field

Hoyt Grove Park has one baseball/softball field on the East side, just North of the main entrance on 12th Avenue.

Disc Golf

The Disc Golf course at Hoyt Grove Park incorporates subtle curves and dense foliage, making the course both challenging and fun.

Walking, Jogging & Biking Trails

The Kameoka Trail begins at Couch Park to the South and continues through Hoyt Grove Park with dirt, gravel, and paved sidewalks. Most of the trail is covered by trees, making it an excellent place for a walk, jog, or bicycle ride.

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