City Projects

This page lists some of the City of Stillwater's projects, including infrastructure projects, T.I.M.E projects and other initiatives. A list of master plans can be found on the Capital Improvement Program page. Also, see our Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Projects page for related content.

For questions about a project not listed here, please contact us. Consider following the City of Stillwater on social media for more immediate updates.

Block34 Groundbreaking

Block 34

Block 34, located in downtown Stillwater, has long been a desired location for a special community space. Steve Irby, a Stillwater resident and owner of Kicker, has partnered with the City of Stillwater to fund the development, programming, and operations support for Block 34 over the next ten years. In addition to this, the roads surrounding Block 34 will be restored. Learn more →

Latest Update (02/06/2024):  The groundbreaking ceremony was held Feb. 6, 2024. Construction is expected to begin in early 2024.

The front of the Stillwater Animal Welfare building

Animal Welfare Building

Stillwater’s 37-year-old Animal Welfare facility has not kept pace with the growth and needs of the Stillwater community. Because of lack of funding, the Animal Welfare building has been unable to make many upgrades and improvements through the years. Learn more →

Latest Update (02/23/2024): Upcoming community meeting at the Community Center: March 26 at 5:30 p.m. and online community meeting: March 28 at 5:30 p.m.

August 27, 2024: Vote for the Stillwater Animal Welfare T.I.M.E. Project.

7th Street Project

7th Avenue Project

The City will rebuild 7th Avenue, from Main Street to Lewis Street. This project includes part of the alleys in both directions and underground infrastructure. 

Latest Update (01/17/2024): This project has been awarded to Rudy Construction, with the Notice to Proceed (NTP) issued for mid-January. The estimated completion time is Fall 2024.

Construction at Perkins Road

Perkins Road (U.S. 177)

This is a joint project with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT). The City is responsible for design, utility relocation and rights of ways acquisitions, and ODOT is responsible for construction. Learn more →

Latest Update (01/17/2024): All four lanes of roadway are open. We will have intermittent lane closures (not on game days) to complete sidewalks and crosswalk Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant entrances/exits.

South Interceptor Replacement

South Interceptor Replacement

Replacement of a portion of the northeast and south interceptors that deliver wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant; replacement of the Foxfire Lift Station; Replacement of a sanitary sewer aerial crossing

Latest Update (11/06/2023): The new interceptors and aerial crossing are in place and functional. The Foxfire Lift Station will be completed in early 2024.

Water Treatment Plant

Stillwater Regional Water Project

The Stillwater Regional Water system serves more than 79,000 people and covers more than 900 square miles. We continue to meet water quality regulations but our infrastructure is inadequate to meet future needs. The raw water delivery and treatment systems need repair and enhancements to accommodate continued growth and economic development  in our city and region. Learn more (PDF) →

Latest Update (09/13/2023): We are pursuing matching grants and funding options.

Storm Water Drainage

Boomer Creek Master Drainage Plan

The goal of this Master Drainage Plan (MDP) is to identify potential drainage and flood hazards throughout the subwatershed and develop a prioritized list of potential capital projects to mitigate these hazards.

Latest Update (1/10/2024): Accepting Feedback for the Boomer Creek MDP

Fire Station No 2 Groundbreaking

Fire Station No. 2

The 83-year-old building is woefully outdated and falls well below current national environmental, safety, technological and living standards. In addition, despite the best efforts of Stillwater firefighters, Fire State No. 2 response times are hindered by its location and physical limitations. Learn more →

Latest Update (12/19/2023): The Stillwater Fire Department and City of Stillwater held a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction for the new Stillwater Fire Station No. 2. Construction of Work Package 1 is expected to begin in January 2024, and last through March 2024. Advertisement and bidding for Work Package 2 will also begin in January 2024.

Estimated completion: July 2025

3rd Ave Bridge

3rd Avenue Bridge

Replace the bridge on 3rd Avenue that crosses Boomer Creek from Park Drive to Perkins Road. The new bridge will add sidewalks and bike lanes.

Latest Update (12/04/2023): It's official, the bridge at 3rd & Perkins is open and in use. The sidewalks will be finished soon. Many thanks to the Engineering Dept. for their continued work with outside contractors regarding these important projects and their dedication to ensure roadways are safe for our community.

Completed Projects

Cathodic Protection System - Rectifier

Cathodic Protection System Replacement

Replacing the cathodic protection system for the Kaw water line and various distribution and collection facilities throughout the City. These upgrades help protect water lines from corrosion.

✓ Complete (01/17/2024)

Husband Street Bridge

Husband Street Bridge

Replacing the bridge on North Husband Street that crosses Boomer Creek, situated between Franklin and Redbud Drive.

✓ Complete (10/25/2023)

12th Street Drainage Improvements

12th & Duncan Drainage Improvements

When the City receives a marginal to significant rain event, road conditions on 12th Avenue can become hazardous due to flooding. This project aims to improve driving conditions by diverting a significant amount of the storm water under the roadway via a new storm sewer structure. 

Latest Update (11/06/2023):  Construction activities have been completed, a public hearing and City Council acceptance date is to be determined.

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