Meeting Rooms

The Stillwater Public Library has three small conference rooms, a large conference room, an auditorium, and open reception area available to host your conference, seminar, workshop, or class. With a room rental, you will have access to free parking, wireless internet as well as the use of projectors, screens, and other equipment. Need a quiet space to study, attend a virtual appointment, or have a community meeting? We have free options available for non-profits and individuals who qualify.

Fees & Discounts

In regard to fees, "resident" is defined as someone who resides inside the Stillwater city limits. All others are considered non-residents. A deposit of $50 is required for both resident and non-resident users with the exception of government agencies and non-profits using room 138. There is also a Setup/Clean up fee of $25.00. Groups renting two or more rooms for simultaneous use will receive a 10% discount on the room rental fee. Other fees are not discounted. 

Note: Meeting rooms are not officially reserved until the application and deposit of $50 have been received, and you have a confirmation of the reservation from the Meeting Room Coordinators.

Room Types & Amenities

  1. Free Options
  2. Smaller Spaces
  3. Larger Spaces
  4. Amenities
  • Room 138 - It is located in the main building and has a long conference table with chairs and a dry-erase board. It accommodates up to 12 people comfortably and is limited to non-profit individuals or organizations. This room may be reserved by contacting the Meeting Room Coordinators.
  • Study Room - Also located in the main library is a study room with a table and chairs. It also contains a DVD/TV.  It is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Genealogy Room - The primary purpose of the Genealogy Room is to allow patrons to study and research their family history. However, It may be used for a quiet meeting with the door shut, as long as no one else is using the room.
  • In-Library Tables - There are numerous tables throughout the library that may be used for studying, working, tutoring, or meetings,  as long as conversation levels align with library rules and do not disturb others.

Note: If you qualify for a free-use room and all free meeting room spaces that fit your needs are being used or have been reserved (138), we may be able to let you use another small conference room. These cannot be reserved in advance. Speak with a Meeting Room Coordinator or a librarian at the Adult Help Desk.

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