Floodplain Inquiry

A Floodplain Inquiry provides verification whether a specific property is in a regulated floodplain area and if so, what classification zone it's in.

Options for your inquiry's response are as follows: phone, email or paper copy in the form of a Floodplain Determination Letter. A Floodplain Determination Letter is an official document provided to confirm location as well as classification zone.

Floodplain Inquiry Form

  1. Example: 723 S. Lewis Street, Stillwater, OK 74074

  2. Example: I need a letter for flood insurance purposes.

  3. Response Preference

    A general inquiry response via email or phone is free. When a paper-copy Floodplain Determination Letter is requested, an administrative fee of $25 is required before the document can be sent. 

    If payment is required, a representative from Development Services will contact you.

    Payments can be made in person or over the phone with credit card.

  4. If you chose USPS mail as your response preference, please provide your mailing address.

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