Community Resources

The Community Resources division is responsible for managing and maintaining the Stillwater Community Center, Senior Center, and Armory Recreation Center, as well as the city's parks system. This includes coordinating with Public Works for repairs, maintenance, and construction in the parks, and managing shelter rentals. 

The department also organizes city-sponsored special events and works with outside organizations and individuals to plan and coordinate special activities, such as 5K runs, parades, and events that may require the use of public land or street closures.

In addition, Community Resources serves as a liaison with public and private partners, and works closely with organizations such as the Lake McMurtry, Stillwater Area Sports Association, Stillwater YMCA, and Prairie Arts Center. We can also assist groups or individuals looking to perform service projects in the parks.

Master Park and Community Resources Plan (PDF), as presented to City Council on July 25, 2022


The City of Stillwater is committed to an inclusive approach to recreation. Inclusion refers to a philosophy that goes well beyond nondiscrimination and takes a proactive approach to including all people in all programs and services.

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