Rural Fire Service

Living in the rural areas surrounding Stillwater offers tranquility and a unique lifestyle. However, it also brings certain challenges, particularly in managing fire emergencies. Our service is designed to mitigate these risks affordably and efficiently.

For an annual fee of $100, Stillwater's Rural Fire Service provides fire emergency assistance. This service ensures that in the event of a fire, your service fee will not exceed $2,000 for each incident. This is significantly lower than the potential costs incurred without coverage.

Key Benefits

  1. Financial Assurance: Fixed maximum cost for fire emergencies.
  2. Simplicity in Enrollment: Easy online application or paper form available.
  3. Continuity of Service: Contracts are transferable to new property owners.
  4. Comprehensive Coverage: One contract is sufficient even for properties divided by roads.
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Join the Stillwater community in a proactive step towards comprehensive fire safety. The Rural Fire Service is more than just an emergency response; it's a commitment to maintaining your rural lifestyle with assurance and confidence. Enroll today and secure the future of your home and finances against fire emergencies.

Have Questions?

Explore our FAQ section or reach out to us for further assistance. Finally, see the rural fire coverage area map at the bottom of the page.

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