Stillwater (Re)Investment Plan

A developer seeking Development Project Assistance should contact the City Manager who shall conduct an initial review of the application using guidelines set forth in the Implementation Policy Guide. If the application meets the guidelines set forth, the City Manager shall forward the application to the Implementation Policy Committee for review.

The Implementation Policy Committee will review the application for compatibility with the Project Plan, the City’s Land Development Code and Standards, evaluate the qualification of the applicant, including financial capacity and experience, and recommend appropriate performance parameters and requirements.

Upon recommendation by the Implementation Policy Committee that the proposed development is eligible to receive Development Project Assistance, the application goes to the Trustees of Stillwater Economic Development Authority for consideration.

Implementation Policy Committee Members

  • Jeremy Bale – Citizen Representative
  • Sara Siems – Citizen Representative
  • John Killam – Citizen Representative
  • Mark Blakeman – Citizen Representative
  • Chris Reding – Payne County Representative
  • Marc Moore – Stillwater Public Schools Representative
  • Doug Major – Meridian Technology Representative

TIF District #3 Applications

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