Business Licenses

Although the City of Stillwater does not impose a mandatory registration requirement on businesses, certain types of businesses must comply with city ordinances and acquire a license.

Licenses and Fees

The tables below list each type of license and their associated fees.

Alcohol Beverage License

A table listing alcohol beverage licenses and fees.
License Initial Fee Renewal Fee
Caterer/Mixed Beverage Combination $1250 $1250
Distiller $3125 $3125
Fraternal Organization Exempt Under IRS 501(c) $500 $500
Mixed Beverage $1005 $905
Oklahoma Brewer $125 $125
On Premises Beer and Wine $500 $450
Retail Beer $500 $500
Retail Package Store $905 $905
Retail Wine $1000 $1000

Contractors Licenses

A table listing contractor/trade licenses and fees.
License Notes Initial Fee Renewal Fee
Sign Contractor N/A $200 $55
Street Works Contractor N/A $200 $55
Structure Mover Contractor N/A $200 $55
Trade Contractor Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing $200 $55

For more information, visit the Contractor Licenses page.

Day Care License

A table listing day care licenses and fees.
License Note Initial Fee Renewal Fee
Day Care Center N/A $75 $75
Family Child Care Home 7 or fewer Children $50 $50
Family Child Care Home 8 - 12 Children $50 $50

Other Licenses

A table listing other licenses and fees.
License Note Initial Fee Renewal Fee
Bus Business N/A $10 $10
Itinerant Merchant / Peddlers N/A $50 $50
Itinerant Merchant / Peddlers Mobile Food Services $50 $50
Pawnbroker N/A $50 $50
Shared Active Transportation N/A $50 per vehicle $50 per vehicle
Short-Term Rental N/A $100 $10
Solicitor / Canvasser Resident $75 $75
Solicitor / Canvasser Non-resident $250 $250
Taxi / Limousine Business N/A $10 $10
Trade License Registration Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing $200 $55

License Applications

To obtain a license for your business, you must first complete an application form and submit it to the address noted on the document.

Please be aware that certain licenses may require additional documentation or fees. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully review the application before submitting

Your application will undergo a review process. Once approved, your license will be issued.

License Applications & Related Documents