Services Bureau

Services Captain

Todd Parry, Stillwater Police Department

Captain Todd Parry

The Services Bureau contains specialized units, including:

  • Training: The Training Unit is responsible for preparing our officers for the various challenges they face in their line of duty. From basic law enforcement to more specialized skills, our training program equips officers with the skills they need to serve you better. The training unit was granted the capabilities of hosting our own basic CLEET academy which began in 2022. Our training unit oversees this.
  • Community Engagement: This unit builds strong relationships with the community and local organizations to enhance the well-being and safety of our community.
  • Detention: The detention unit ensures secure and safe custody of individuals who have been detained or arrested. 
  • Dispatch: Dispatch handles incoming emergency and non-emergency calls, providing a vital link between our officers and the community.
  • Code Enforcement: The Code Enforcement Unit is dedicated to maintaining a clean and safe community by ensuring compliance with municipal codes.
  • Records: The Records Unit ensures the accuracy and accessibility of all police documents for internal and public information requests.
  • Property Unit: The property unit is responsible for storage, disposing, and safe-keeping of any items taken as evidence, found property, contraband, and all digital evidence.

Staff Services/Training

Kerry Bell, Stillwater Police Department

Lieutenant Kerry Bell