Burn Permit

City Ordinance No. 2699 establishes rules for open burning in city limits, and what kind of activities require a burn permit. The following activities require a burn permit:

  • Bonfires
  • Campfires
  • Ceremonial fires
  • Clearing land for construction
  • Prevention/control of disease or pests
  • Fire department training
  • Elimination of hazards
  • Maintenance of agricultural and land parcels five acres or greater.

Acquiring a Permit - Sec. 20-140

  1. A permit must be obtained from the office of the fire marshal.
  2. Applications for permits shall be submitted to the fire marshal's office a minimum of one week (i.e., seven days) prior to the desired date of burning, during regular business hours.

To obtain a burn permit, complete the form below or call the Fire Marshal's office at (405) 742-8308.

Burn Permit Request

  1. Example: 723 S. Lewis Street, Stillwater, OK 74074

  2. Recreational Fires

    • Including camp fire, bonfires, ceremonial fires, or non-commercial preparation of food.
    • Bonfire shall not be more than 5' x 5' x 5' in dimension and shall burn for less than 3 hours.
    • Bonfires must consist of seasoned dry wood. No hydrocarbon fuels may be used for ignition.
    • Fire may not be permitted in residentially zoned areas.

    Land Management Fires

    Must be approved by an approved state or local agency specifically for the management of forest or range lands. The approved management plan must be submitted for endorsement to this office seven days prior to intentional burn.

    Land clearing operation

    • Must be conducted in an approved pit, with induced air, when conducted within 300 feet of an occupied structure.
    • Must be a minimum of 150 feet from an occupied structure.
    • Land clearing operations closer than 300 feet to an occupied structure shall require written consent from all adjoining property owners.
    • Land clearing operations conducted at least 500 feet from an occupied structure may be conducted above ground with the approval of this office.
    • Must be conducted during the legal hours of sunrise and sunset. We may extend these hours at our discretion.

    Prevention or control of disease or pest

    Must be approved by a state or local agency specifically for the prevention of disease or pest fires. The approved management plan must be submitted for endorsement to this office seven days prior to the intentional burn.

    Maintenance of agriculture and land parcels 5 acres or larger

    • Areas that are to be burned must have a buffer around the burn area that is plowed or tilled to an area that is acceptable to the Fire Marshal.
    • Burning of natural vegetation is allowed on parcels greater than 5 acres.
    • Burning for property maintenance shall not impact surrounding occupied structures.
  3. Example: The Southwest corner of 723 S. Lewis Street, Stillwater, OK 74074

  4. Submitting this form does not guarantee the approval of a burn permit.*

    The Stillwater Fire Department will contact you regarding your request for a burn permit. A permit fee is required and additional information may be needed.

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