Traffic Collision Report

Traffic collision reports are restricted for the first sixty days following the accident. During this period, only those involved in the accident may get a report. After sixty days, the accident report will be made available to anyone who requests a copy.

How to Request an Accident Report

  1. Complete our Online Request for Collision Report form.
  2. Come to Stillwater Police Department in person during normal business hours. Bring your identification (ID) card.
  3. Request by mail.

Online Request for Collision Report


We have an online form to request a collision report. To complete this form, you need the report or reference number, last name of involved party, and the date of the accident.

In-person Request

To request a copy in person, come to the records window at the Stillwater Police Department during regular business hours with your identification (ID).

You will be charged $.25 per page. The average accident report is five pages. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. To expedite processing, print and fill out the Request for Collision Report (PDF) form.

Request by Mail

You can request collision reports by mail. Send a completed Request for Collision Report (PDF) form, along with a self-addressed stamped business envelope and $1.00 (cash or check) to:

Stillwater Police Department
ATTN: Records
PO Box 1725
Stillwater, OK 74076

We do not fax reports, nor may we release accident information over the phone.

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