Is my card information secure?

If you decide to store your card information on our system for the convenience of not having to re-enter the information each time you make a payment, your card information will be encrypted and stored on a separate system that is behind a secure firewall and not directly exposed to the Internet. Additionally, once your card information has been entered for the first time, only the last four digits of the card can be seen in the secure wallet, even by the account or cardholder.

So if someone, somehow obtains your account number and password, they will not have access to your credit card information through our system. Address information for a stored card can be edited by the account holder, but once initially submitted the full card number cannot be viewed or edited by anyone. This is done to protect the card information from unauthorized access to your account. If there is an error in the card number, the card must be removed and re-submitted to correct the error. Again, this is to safeguard your card information and protect your credit.

Additional questions can be directed to Utility and Billing Services.

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