Are there any other cities using TIF?

Oklahoma City used a series of tax increment financing reinvestment projects to develop Bricktown and transform its Downtown area. Similar reinvestment projects in Tulsa (Brady District), Broken Arrow (Bass Pro, Rose District) and Jenks (Riverwalk) have significantly redeveloped these areas. Establishment of a sales tax based increment district (Academy) and sales tax rebate programs (Downtown BID, Bradford Place) have provided a significant return on investment for the City. The ad valorem revenues generated by these projects went to Stillwater Public Schools, Meridian Technology Center, Payne County, the Payne County Health Department and the City of Stillwater based on millage requirements.

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1. What does this Plan do?
2. Where are the boundaries of the Plan?
3. Who is affected?
4. Is this a new tax?
5. How does it work?
6. Has there been support from local business owners?
7. Are there any other cities using TIF?
8. Are projects completed without a TIF?
9. How is the community as a whole impacted?
10. Is growth limited to the TIF boundary?
11. What are the project area's designations?