Has there been support from local business owners?

From many of the plans adopted by the City, additional provisions have been established. Out of the P.U.M.A. Plan, a Business Improvement District (BID Number 1) was established in the Downtown area of Stillwater.

The (Re)Investment Plan also calls for the creation of new BIDs for downtown and Campus Corner, to focus on event promotion and marketing.

After a successful 10 years in place, BID Number 1 expired in August 2017.

Since then, business owners from the BID Number 1 area have started a movement to re-establish a similar form of financing, and have shown strong support for the TIF.

"The TIF strikes me as the type of opportunity that can result in creating unique and dynamic ventures in Stillwater... [it] would allow entrepreneurs like me and my peers to bring thoughtfully-local ideas to the TIF area." ~ J Bryson Baker, owner and founder of EVERYMAN (quote from the June 4 Stillwater City Council public hearing)

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1. What does this Plan do?
2. Where are the boundaries of the Plan?
3. Who is affected?
4. Is this a new tax?
5. How does it work?
6. Has there been support from local business owners?
7. Are there any other cities using TIF?
8. Are projects completed without a TIF?
9. How is the community as a whole impacted?
10. Is growth limited to the TIF boundary?
11. What are the project area's designations?