What does this Plan do?

The Stillwater (Re)Investment Plan (A Stillwater Downtown/Campus Link Project Plan) will create an ad valorem and a sales tax increment district in Stillwater pursuant to the Oklahoma Local Development Act.

  • The Plan does not create a new tax or a plan to increase property taxes citywide. Property tax rates remain the same for everyone. The only way property taxes within the TIF district go up is if the property values increase, which is the same system we have now. So, this means a net gain of asset for the property owner.
  • The Plan does not take any current budget money from any entity. It only affects a small portion of new growth revenue those entities might receive in the future.

In fact, the Plan creates $1 million in additional funds for Stillwater Public Schools (SPS). And, long term, it creates a bigger tax base for SPS and Meridian Technology Center to fund education.

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1. What does this Plan do?
2. Where are the boundaries of the Plan?
3. Who is affected?
4. Is this a new tax?
5. How does it work?
6. Has there been support from local business owners?
7. Are there any other cities using TIF?
8. Are projects completed without a TIF?
9. How is the community as a whole impacted?
10. Is growth limited to the TIF boundary?
11. What are the project area's designations?