Feedback for Boomer Creek Master Drainage Plan

During the development of the Stillwater Creek Watershed Management Plan by Meshek & Associates (Meshek), a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant was obtained to develop a Master Drainage Plan (MDP) for the Boomer Creek subwatershed.

The goal of this MDP is to identify potential drainage and flood hazards throughout the subwatershed and develop a prioritized list of potential capital projects to mitigate these hazards. During the project, Meshek identified potential hazard areas by utilizing historical data, resident and staff knowledge of problematic areas, and developing a new hydrologic model for the entire Boomer Creek subwatershed, as well as new hydraulic models for approximately 24 stream miles. 

Mitigation projects were then developed for each hazard identified, with the goal of providing residents with reasonable protection from flooding from both a safety and financial perspective. A multivariable prioritization matrix was created to prioritize these mitigation projects and develop a recommended Capital Improvement Plan for Boomer Creek.

Citizen Feedback

The City of Stillwater has received the final report for the Boomer Creek Master Drainage Plan and would like to invite residents to review the report and offer feedback. 

The City welcomes all comments and opinions regarding the identified hazard areas, potential flood and drainage hazard areas not included in the report, the MDP’s updated Flood Zone boundaries, and any other aspect of the report or how the plan was developed. 

Please use the online feedback form provided on this page to submit your feedback. If you would like to submit questions and receive a response, please be sure to leave up to date contact information to ensure a timely response. 

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