Bids & Proposals

The City Clerk's Office typically conducts bid openings on Wednesdays at 3 pm. Information regarding bid announcements will be made available on IonWave and will also be published in the Stillwater News Press, the designated newspaper of record. In cases where necessary, supplementary notifications may be printed in relevant trade publications.

The City of Stillwater uses an online bidding system for the procurement of goods and services. Suppliers interested in bidding on City projects must register before submitting bids.

Registration is free and can be completed by visiting:

About IonWave

The IonWave system is a sustainable and efficient tool that provides several benefits for our suppliers. Through this system, suppliers can indicate their interest in offering specific goods and services by selecting appropriate criteria.

After completing the registration process, vendors will automatically receive email notifications whenever new bid opportunities that align with their selected products, services, or criteria arise. Additionally, they can log into the system to view and respond to bid listings posted by the City.

Benefits of Using This System

  1. Automated error checking - Bids can only be submitted when complete, so bidders won’t miss anything only submit what is needed.
  2. Automated email notifications for bidding opportunities and addendums.
  3. Automated email notifications go out as the due date for bid approaches.
  4. Easy, online submission will save time and money spent copying and mailing bid packets.
  5. Bids can be submitted online right up to the deadline, giving bidders more time to prepare their required documents.
  6. When the City receives a question, the answer will be posted online so it’s available to all bidders. 

Getting Started with IonWave

Visit to get started. Next to the login, on the right side of the page, click the "Supplier Registration" button. This will begin the supplier registration process. Complete the forms by inputting your company's information.

For more help, view the IonWave Supplier Registration (PDF) document.

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